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EasyADF Transfer Kit

We are pleased to announce a new version (1.5) of the EasyADF PCMCIA Compact Flash Transfer Kit.

An easy way of accessing Compact Flash cards and transferring ADF files between PC/Macs/laptops and Amiga 1200/600.

EasyADF software's features are:
- Create Amiga floppy disks from ADF files
- Make ADF files from Amiga floppy disks
- Uncompress LHA files
- Boot from floppy: no hard disk required
- Compatible with Workbench 2.x and 3.x

The new EasyADF software now includes:

- Floppy disk Format/Verify options
- Floppy track options
- Create floppy disks from ADFs in batches
- File Management functions with keyboard shortcuts
- Context sensitive pop-up help/mouse pointers
- Support for the forthcoming EasyNet update

Direct Product Link:

Any existing customers can contact us for a free upgrade of the software: is offline  
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