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Originally Posted by StarEye
So you're actually making a remake, not a sequel? Wouldn't Super Cars 2 Deluxe or something be a more fitting name? That's just pedantics of course. Also, you've already added more cars, which basically is expanding the game already, and am I mistaken if you're going to add new tracks, as well as a track editor?
The remake also includes circuits from Supercars 1. Yes, SC2 Deluxe would be a good name, although when they did their last opus MF used "Supercars International".

BTW I would not be against other contributions (having the original car as a 3D model was excellent):

- german/spanish/italian translation of the game strings
- rework of some graphic screens (I just doubled pixel size from 320x240 -> 640x480 and it would need more polishing)
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