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Originally Posted by Zetr0
Sorry I best clarify as I got a little excied

Arkanoid : Revenge of DoH!

awsome.... i doubt theres a respectable gamming machine out there that a conversion wasn't made!!!

10/10 Music
10/10 Graphics
10/10 GamePlay
10/10 Game Feautures (2Player Mode!!!!)

clearly the best title contender, and before you ask Peter Johnson is not paying me for this post lol!!!!
And i still play it now via mame so it's stood the test of time against all the others but back to the Amiga and my vote went to the game i spent the most time playing and that has to be MegaBall. For a shareware game this was sooooo bloody addictive and i spent more time playing this than the majority of commercial games around at the time and kept going back to it time and time again for months
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