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Monochrome and 8 bit

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I thought I had. I left about 19 posso boxes of disks behind when I moved, taking only the most vital disks condensed into two boxes. Sorry mate.

I think your memory serves you right, I seem to remember said magazine with the idea of typing it in. Never got round to it...

I'll have a gander on the disks I do have and see if the 3 different versions are there. Maybe not, I think once Xcopy, Cyclone and SCA fell into place, I only kept the original original (intended) disk copiers, and trashed the disks that had the older copiers. Thinking about it, the 3 versions were different, at least in terms of UI and functions. I cant recall details, but do remember that aforementioned morning session seeing differences between the three versions. When you talk about TrueCopy and SpecialCopy being variants, that rings a bell, although I dont recall Special Copy right now.
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