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Originally Posted by EmuChicken
Looking better and better... keep it advancing!

Few annoyances though

- computer cars dont act as they do in sc2 - they seem to warp infront completely once they die etc...
- when you collide with another car, you just get bashed back... effect is too harsh
- when you / computer respawns - they usually kill other cars that they spawn over
- missiles start too slow (go behind the car too much)
- beatle car gets stuck on the corners at times - too long of a car

.. still - keep it coming! :-D
ps- you're not going to use my car sprite I sent ya?
Yes, I fully agree with all the bugs. Especially the collision, respawn, missile and beetle car (best car is Audi anyway).

I'll use your sprite car (it is excellent) but can you do me a favor and provide me a model in green color (I was unable to find the texture color change in 3DMax, I did it once but now I forgot) ? Because I use green render and hack the colors afterwards (or explain how to do it in 3DSMax)
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