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Originally Posted by marco pedrana
despite what i said before, it's a commendable effort for sure! can someone host all of it in a big archive?
As I have written, you can do what you want with my work.

sure downloading around 80 archives is boring but like that all are happy (for users who want to have just some). sorry strategyGamer.

if someone would take all, decompact on his computer, make big archive for all and host somewhere, no problems. I can't because I have the smallest adsl connexion available because not near my NRA :-( and I haven't host for that.

if someone would like to take all or some datas and add on a good retrogaming amiga site I visit sometime, this work is made for that.

With a verry great help :-), I will made also loon docs disks in the futur (I think during the next two months).

thanks for the feedback ppill :-)

And don't forget to reduce your CO2 emission (mostly on USA).
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