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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Even with an A500 in a joystick (which would suck for games that needed a mouse and keyboard) you would be competing with people who have a modded XBOX with an Amiga emulater and the games that were released for the gameboy handhelds etc.

While there seems to be interest in old Amiga games, I wonder how much $$$ people would spend for the hardware when they can just play them on their current PC for free.
Most people haven't got a clue about emulators, let alone finding the ROMs and disk images to be able to play old games.

Just look at the Atari flashback console in a joystick. Was <$20 and sold by the bucketload. The Flashback #2 had more games, the internal expansion for a real cartridge port (for the diehard hackers) and I believe sold even more units than the Flashback #1.

I'm sure most people have the nostalgia for playing an old game they loved as a kid, but the reality is when they play it again it's at most a total of a few hours of enjoyment and nostalgia for them. Bundle this up as something you just connect to a tv and turn on and sell it for cheap and it'll do well in the marketplace.

As for an A500 in a joystick being bad for games that need mouse and keyboard - you simply don't bundle games that need mouse or keyboard with it! Or if you want to keep the hacker community happy - have the connections accessible for adding a PS/2 mouse & keyboard (like the C64 DTV - thanks Geri!).
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