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Monochrome and 8 bit

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Ah yes, I see what you mean. The program displays AmigaCopy, whilst the book refers to it as DeepCopy. I had it on disk as DeepCopy, displayed as DeepCopy. Not hard to use a hex editor though.

The Mirror! Knew there was another nagging at me, and I think actually that might have been the one I had in mind hwen I refered to a.n.other, thinking about it, as it was advertised in mags such as AUI. Thanks for the refresh!

Be nice to look at the source, but you reckon it might still exist?

Dont recall Solo Copy, do recall White Lightning, TrueCopy, and Mastercopier. istr that most of the copiers used the same basic nibble routines, witha different interface. Can remember spending the whole of one saturday morning trying to backup (ok, copy) a disk with every software copier in existence, and aprimitive hardware copier thatr used the video port for clock timing. Nowt worked. cant remember what the title was, though. Rainbow Islands, maybe? Was before 1991, as I was in Germany at the time.

Mastercopier... remember 3 "different" versions of that.
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