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Oh no, I made a mistake. Deep Copy is also a parameter for the Mirror Copier, so yes, it was not just a parameter for Amiga Copy. By the way, the source code refers to it as Amiga Copy V1.2, the label is text4 (in my version of the source code, feel free to check, maybe there is more than one version).

Wonder if the estate of Ben Fuller would be willing to release the Amiga material he worked on. The programs, while not the best for copy protections, were very colorful and I liked the user interface (the Xerox machine comes to mind...). From what I heard from an Atari ST user, Project D was able to copy protected disks easily. But then again, why would we

And Quick Nibble is that program, that is what the Deprotect option is for (I know, spent too much time making backups of my, um, He also wrote Quick Copy (?) and Quick Copy (?) EA (this one deprotects the EA titles). Just for two drives. I'd have to check but I think Fuller worked on some other little primitive copiers as well but could be mistaken. There was also a version that wouldn't copy anything, Quick Index or something, never came out

Fast Lightning was pretty good but the only problem was that the options really had non-sensical names. Never really used X-Copy for much but copying disks quick so don't know about the nibble copy routines in comparison to other programs. As a matter of fact, I used Amiga Copy for many protected disks (or RawCopy). White Lightning or Solo Copy while just with one disk drive. Cyclone is good at making copies but it is not perfect. Also, at least in the manual, Cachet warns that signal loss can occur if you copy a copy's

By the way, anybody know if Special Copy had different routines than True Copy or Mastercopier?
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