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The source listing (appendix C) calls it DeepCopy... ;-) istr seeing it sometime in the late 80's as such too. But heck, I'm sure it probably did the rounds as AmigaCopy too, and I know I saw it as something else on a compile disk, at least once.

Ben Fuller - yes, of Fuller Systems Inc, or summat. Quick Nibble I remember too. Whilst I have originals of Project D and Marauder II, and erm, copies of the others, these sorta went out of the window with XCopy, Cyclone, and the ultimate in hardware, SCA II.

I get the same feeling about a program that could only deprotect EA games, and yes it could have been QuickNibble. IIRC they used the same routine across all their titles, at least in the early days, so the parameters would have been for specifc titles but using the same underlying algorithim.

Vaguely remember Hercules Copy, but again it didn't bring anything new to the party as it were, so I didn't bother with it.

There was stuff that XCopy could copy that FL couldnt. Frankly, I didn't like it that much, but was quick and did the job (and worked on *all* Amigas regardless of OS, CPU, etc at the time). And if it didn't, then either Cyclone or SCA would. Plus, Simon at Cachet gave me the updates free of charge, so I wasn't complaining. Wonder what he's doing now...

@boing_1000 if you get stuck trying to find it... PM me.
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