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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
Looked more like a CD player for a hifi separates unit, but I'd prefer that sitting under my TV than a CD32. CDTV was well engineered and looked quite nice, I just can't fathom the complete and utter design failure that is the CD32 coming from the same company!
The look of the CDTV was the main strategic reason of it's failure. During it's development a survey revealed a machine that would look like a computer would never find it's place in a TV room, or living room.... So they decided to design the CDTV like a hifi machine and to sell it with video tape recorders basically without ever mentioning the word computer. Phillips had the very same strategy... probably sounded like a good idea at that time ... So in opposition the CD32 was designed like a real game machine. And the CD32 did much better than the CDTV.

But blaming design is a bit to simple if you look at the NES or the C64 and their success or compare a PS2 and game cube design and see wich one killed the other without even mentioning the Xtra large-BOX.

I am afraid it's mostly based on titles without reducing all other factors to zero of course. CD32 was released several years after the SNES and still couldn't propose titles of such quality...

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