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Yes, Super Kit was also written by Ben Fuller who also wrote Quick Nibble and Quick Copy. The programs were really aimed at early protections and I think Quick Nibble could only deprotect Electronic Arts products. It was a neat function though.
Hercules Copy had a copper fade background like Marauder so I thought maybe you were thinking of that one. Wasn't the greatest program, that is probably why you never heard of it.
DeepCopy is not the name of the program but AmigaCopy (V1.2). The program offers DeepCopy 1 & 2 which are options used to copy protected disks and are not parameters in any other copier.
X-Copy was good but I am not really sure it was much of an improvement over Fast Lightning, never really compared the copy routines. What was a big plus was the ability to freeze the mouse and be able to copy stacks of disks without a monitor, those were the

@boing_1000: RawCopy is a program and you should be able to find it on some copy disks. I figured this was the easier solution to try instead of buying some hardware and spending money. The parameters are automagically selected I believe and the list included is a simple ASCII file with the games supported and whether or not it removes protection. Good luck and keep us posted.
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