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Monochrome and 8 bit

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ISTR that Arkanoid is in the parameter list of Lockpick and/or Maverick. But, see the caveat I posted - a parameter for one version probably will not work on another.

Super Kit - ah, yes, I reember that. Didn't it come from the same stable as ProjectD, seem to remember that there were two from the same stable. Vaguely remember Hercules Copy.

To be frank, use XCopy in nibble mode. If that cannot copy it, then use a hardware copier. XCopyPro had one of the better nibblers (Nib2 had, I think, the best, but broke under KS2). The nibblers used on Marauder, ProjD, etc, were good for their time, but couldnt handle later protection.

@Hex - DeepCopy is the name of the program on the Abacus book... many copiers had a deepcopy option, just another name for a software nibble mode.
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