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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
While there seems to be interest in old Amiga games, I wonder how much $$$ people would spend for the hardware when they can just play them on their current PC for free.
It's an interesting point. I think you have to take PC savvy people out of the equation, along with those who have only just started to use computers.

That only leaves a selection of people who would like to play old Amiga games but are incapable of working out that they can use their PC, are too lazy or it is beyond them. People like us on this board aren't going to throw away our RTG based installed with WHDLoad'd games for the sake of a joystick with some games on it. Not to mention that often these products are packed with shitty games because the company in question couldn't get/afford the rights to decent games.

That market must be pretty small, if it exists at all.

On another note, I'm fairly sure a lot more horsepower would be required in comparison to, say, the joysticks with early Atari games on them. I don't see that it's possible to make a return when the hardware would actually need to be pretty swanky.

Originally Posted by Unknown_K
which would suck for games that needed a mouse and keyboard
...and that, unless I'm much mistaken, rules out quite a few of the popular 'top 100' Amiga games.

Cannon Fodder, Lemmings, Civilization anyone?
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