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Fact is Amiga is gaining in popularity right now. Amiga prices on ebay are going up. I bought an amiga a few weeks ago from someone here. Neglecting the fact I've been away and its still sitting in the box at my parents house (picking up tonight, WOOHOO), the main point is I bought another one after years not even thinking about it.

All the people who were into amiga in the old days were most likely secondary/high school kids who were probably in the midst of GCSE or A-Level. IBM/PC was just some cack that infested our school libraries - Amiga was the real deal.

Now all these people have grown up, had a disposable income now they're in gainful employment and some are digging out their old Amiga boxes, or in some cases buying second hand amigas off ebay - reflected as the prices are now going up. You can't say this about any other platform: Amstrad, Dragon, TRS80, Atari... they just do not reach the same prices second-hand!

How do I know these people are getting back into it? I know because I am one! As I'm sure many people here are. Even Galahad, I remember still seeing his name written on some cracktros. (Nice to see you about!)

If Amiga Technologies brought out a console tomorrow, would I buy it? Don't know... I'd be damn interested and would feel a little nostalgic having something new with an Amiga logo on it, but depends if its any good...

So the target market is there... the product ideal is there... it just depends if this guy knows his arse from his elbow and has the capital to go for it!

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