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Originally posted by Twistin' Ghost
Hehehe...gotta be careful in ol' Long Beach. That's Snoop territory, ya know. I remember that place before it became gangstaville. I risked life and limb once in Thousand Oaks just to get a bunch of DJ 12" singles for some stuff I was doing. And I used to work for a DJ pool that sent me to Compton 2-3 times a week, picking up and delivering music on Martin Luther King Blvd, Crenshaw, etc. Car-jackings with uzi's were all the rage in those days, but the secret was to drive a car there that was not worth the dramatic crime.

Anyway, I'd go for the commercial games. Dammit, how come I never found stuff like that when I was in CA! Although I bought a ton of old game systems for practically nothing, so I guess I can't bitch.

Can't wait to see what pirated goodies were in the booty!
Straight outa Compton,
a crazy Amiga freak...

It was really a funny sight when we hauled the ten boxes of disks and the Amiga 500 outside, then I ran to my cruddy 92' Honda and drove it up to the curb and we loaded everything quickly as if we were stealing someone's stereo collection.

On the island of Yap, they have a tradition of collecting giant stone money. The money is valued in part by how risky it was to get it. Now those boxes of Amiga disks have such a value, whatever they contain.

Some day I will stand with my boy and say, "Son, years ago I almost took a cap in my head for these disks. Hold on to them and make sure you keep them away from strong magnets."

(Boy this thread is heading way off topic...)
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