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Secondly, I think this is a normal operation of the EMU. For some reason after I use an ADZ on Winfellow, it knocks off a kilobyte.
Does it only do this the first time you use the ADZ? Because if it did it every time, soon there would be no file left .

Fellow has to decompress the ADZ files to access the ADF inside (and to write to the disks); I suspect that the change in size is just because it is recompressing them again afterwards in a slightly more efficient manner (or perhaps there are other files inside your ADZ, such as Readmes etc).

A CRC is just a calculation based upon the data in a file, which produces a 16 or 32-bit number. The number is (to all intents and purposes) unique for each different file. Identical files always have identical CRCs. So by looking at CRC value, we can see if two files are the same without having to compare each individual byte of the files, so it is a lot quicker.

If your ADZ files are losing a K or two, their CRC will obviously change. However, the CRC of the adf inside should still be the same.

I've got a Matrox G200 (don't play modern PC 3D games) that has great 2D.
I have one of these too and it really is the best 2D I have seen. Shame about the 3D nowadays though .

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