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Originally Posted by Pyromania

While we are not interested in discussing our business plan, I will tell you this. Apple almost died a few years back and what saved them was bringing back their founder. You might love or hate Steve Jobs but he saved Apple from certain death. Now they are enjoying great success, even going after some of the Amiga's once exclusive markets like low end video production. Part of the DiscreetFX plan is to seek out and hire some of the original Amiga team if they are interested. No one was more passionate or Amiga gun hoe than Carl, RJ, David Needle Etc. If we are able to hire one or more of the first Amiga greats they will help form the new Amiga plan. Also, it is of great interest to DiscreetFX to help get to market retro Amiga 500's in a joystick or maybe even a sub $100 AGA+ mini Amiga that uses flash drives to build the brand once again. Another idea is to have Amiga OS 4.0 running on cell phones, that market becomes more computer like every day and it is much larger than the PC market even when Apple, Linux and everyone else is thrown in. An Amiga Tivo type device is also something DiscreetFX would love to do.
Dude I applaud you in all your efforts. If I had the money, I would try and do the same.
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