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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
Better as decided by the public?

The public have a rather alarming habit of being coerced into buying inferior products.

Betamax superior to VHS = VHS the victor

Just one example where the public decided what was 'better'. A product can be the best no matter what the public think, its just getting them to buy it is the problem!
The public buys what is good enough at a cheap enough price. I don't like compressed music (mp3's) instead I collect full WAV files but the vast majority of people either can't tell the difference or play the music back of shitty headphones so they do not care plus they can fit more songs on their players. The world does not revolve around the few people who will spend more on the slightly better product AKA the "high end" , it revolves around the masses who will pay for the good enough at a reasonable price.

VHS won over BETA because it was good enough, was cheaper (more then one company was making the players), and video rentals were all on VHS (took a while for BETA to be able to fit a whole movie on one tape). So in the end it was content, price, and convenience that won out. SVHS came out later in the game and was better then VHS but since most people just watched rented tapes (and you could not get SVHS movie tapes) it never went anywhere. It took the creation of DVD (and DVD rentals) to raise the bar on what is good enough to get people to switch.
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