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Originally Posted by TheBoss
No more will Star Crusader CD32 be without a cover, it's now online in the custom covers archive
Wow! Great artwork

Originally Posted by TheBoss
I was a bit confused on how big the cdhole should be as Im not experinced at cd cover art designs. I just choose 1 that seems to be used alot on the old amiga cds I have. I'll try and fix it later today so its like the picture you show Any chance you might have some cd templates around?

Currently im finishing work on the requested Star Crusader CD32 edition front/back cover, so they will be online on website shortly
I totally understand when you're confused :-) It's a bit tricky as there is no such thing like a standard which all manufacturers of printable CDs have agreed upon. I would suggest you just leave a hole of 1,5 cm (which is exactly the diameter of the CD hole according to the ECMA 130 standard, and which is said to be the diameter of the dutch 10cents coin, a coin which the Philips developers always had in their purses for reference :-)

I have printed at least 50 CD-R (only Verbatim type), and had good results with above specifications. It is not a problem if the Inkjet-printer prints an area which is not covered by printable surface (so that ink meets plastics). This ink can be removed easily with a tissue.

I unfortunately don't have a template. I make CD prints with an application for Macintosh which came with my Epson printer, and I only have to drag and drop images into a mask, and the program does everything "automagically".

Cheers, Torsten
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