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Hehehe...gotta be careful in ol' Long Beach. That's Snoop territory, ya know. I remember that place before it became gangstaville. I risked life and limb once in Thousand Oaks just to get a bunch of DJ 12" singles for some stuff I was doing. And I used to work for a DJ pool that sent me to Compton 2-3 times a week, picking up and delivering music on Martin Luther King Blvd, Crenshaw, etc. Car-jackings with uzi's were all the rage in those days, but the secret was to drive a car there that was not worth the dramatic crime.

Anyway, I'd go for the commercial games. Dammit, how come I never found stuff like that when I was in CA! Although I bought a ton of old game systems for practically nothing, so I guess I can't bitch.

Can't wait to see what pirated goodies were in the booty!
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