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only Elvis can save the Amiga...!

so let's just ignore these announcements, it is all rubbish, Amiga lives on in WinUAE, which is free. Anyone who tries to make a buck out of a dead body should be ignored. Maybe someday we will have an Amiga on a U3 alike USB stick, or as Pyro says, embedded in a joystick, but that is about the only future I see for Amiga, all the rest is just BS. Even the latest Amiga things have nothing to do anymore with Amiga. It stopped at OS 3.9 (I personally see KS 3.1 as the true last Amiga version, OS3.9 was a patch of KS3.1 made by some organized enthusiasts, not a company, it never was released as a hardware chip to start with)

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