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Shillard' posts are very good to me, as long as he don't goes 1 on 1 against blade0002, (just to make an exemple) as about their antipathy, i couldn't care less.
they are useful (as much as many others by other members) to DiscreetFX too, because, hey we are potential end users of their product, why should we not politely say what we would like?
that said, noone has asked for business lessons, from anyobody. that's not between the reasons that the majority of users of EAB log in.
however, people, let's stop taking sides here, there's no point in it. let people who want to dream do it and people who want to do businness, do it outside the bonduary of the board, not because it's not wanted here, but because this is not the place for an healty and profitable talk of that matters.

everybody has sad his piece i think, and still DiscreetFX has not closed any deal. let's close this thread and if and when DiscreetFX come out with something tangible, i'm sure Pyromania will let us know.
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