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I don't find Shillards posts "insulting and patronising at all", i find them lucid and rational.

What's really insulting, particularly from the intelectual stand point, is the continual insistence on the reductionism of the Amiga issue to a religious zealotry crusade, where the prophets of the knights order of the "two more weeks" shriek histerically that all is "on schedule and rockin'!" to the remaining dozen of sworded, blind, true believers.

If anything this faith based zealotry has probably pushed away hundreds of Amiga users, who, to be fully honest, are just plain turned off by the veritable insanity that seems to permeate the 30 guys who're still expecting for "Amiga hardware" in 2006, 2007, 2008, heck, who the hell knows by now, the fantasy changes every fortnight.

Thanks to these guys, the Amiga brand has become synosnym with a world wide anectode, a playground for the vapourware inclined, fraudesters, brand vampires, and the just plain simply deluded beyond the gullability of a three year old child.

In fact, some of these people's insanities and the inane propositions they supported, completely, totally, and absolutely killed of any chance the Amiga had of a resurgence. Every single, incompetent, visionless, impotent, and technically ignorant proposition that came forth: they supported it, blindly.

Now, the opportunity for a credible company, one that could answer Shillards questions and prove its technical and financial ability, is gone. The Amiga is dead. Period. But i guess some will prefer to run around covering it's ears, then eyes, and pretend it's still 1994. Oh, and heaven forfend someone tells them it's 06 going on 2007!
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