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Some clarification required, I think....

1. I just spent over $1,000 getting a new PPC/060 Cyberstorm unit with RAM sent to me from Germany, to replace a dead one in my A4000. So don't lecture me about fanatics who spend megabucks on PPC classic Amigas....

2. There's a difference between being rude, and being honest. Mostly my "rudeness" has been in response to equal "rudeness", or me daring to ask questions. Shameful - I know.

3. As for Bill #2, I asked him some pretty simple, general questions about his master plan. I'll give him the credit for responding, but the detail was....lacking. Here's the reply I got, you be the judge:

"Thank you very much shillard for taking the time to write these very good questions. As a famous developer once said in the AMOS Pro manual, you have to walk before you can run. We don't own Amiga yet or know their full $ situation so could not answer most of these questions. We are working hard on completing Oil Change first, then Amiga is our next goal if they are even interested. It will be @ least a 12 month process. Please let us know if you have further questions."

Oh, the questions were:

1. What is the product roadmap?

2. Overlay with a channel roadmap?

3. Who is the target market?

4. How have they been identified and segmented? How will they be targeted? What is your USP?

5. Who are the distribution partners?

6. What reseller margins, support, co-op activity and terms do you anticipate? How many resellers, where, what channels?

7. What share are you targetting?

8. Portable product? Given the global shift away from desktop PCs to laptops - on all OS platforms.

9. What developer support have you secured - both hardware and software?

10. What's your advertising budget? ATL and BTL?

Pretty simple stuff - aside from the dead-obvious question: Why publicise your intent to acquire a non-listed entity when it would appear that no deal has already been struck, you don't know the value of it, you don't know if it is even on the market, and you don't appear to have any solid plans as to what you will do with it?
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