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Originally Posted by shillard
We can at least agree on your final point above. The current crop are so full of piss and wind that it beggars belief. Even more pathetic are those desperate fools hanging on their coat tails, who actually believe that slick Willy is the messiah.

"Release it and the hardware will be built" - by who? Who, other than a mad hobbyist (not that I'm opposed to them - one built the USB card I have in my A4000) would do that?

You could spend your time and money building hardware for an ultra-niche OS4 machine, or you could spend it building something for Win/ Mac that would actually sell and make you some cash. With a family to feed, what would you do?

New hardware is pointless without developer support - both hard and soft. Expecting to see the next edition of "Full Spectrum Warrior", or "Civilisation 5" for OS4?

May as well pull out your telescope and hope to see Vipers launching from the Battlestar USS Armstrong.

Bill #2 is dead keen to tell everyone about his upcoming movie (all this talk of an Amiga buy-out couldn't possibly be a viral marketing campaign targetted at a niche audience of fanatics, could it....?), but real short on detail with his "plans" for the Amiga.

If the owners are willing to sell.

If he can raise the funds necessary.

In a year or so, when the corpse is another year colder.

Gimme a break guys. You're dead keen to shoot the messenger, but take a good hard look at your own reactions to Bill #2's hollow pronouncements.
You arent the messenger, nothing you are saying is new and I am not the type of person that would buy an OS4 system either. But there are people out there who have spent heaps of cash on these systems. Pegasos, Aone, Aone micro etc.. THESE SYSTEMS GOT BUILT!!! There are even people spending money on PPC classic Amigas. Just because it doesnt float your or my boat it doesnt mean it doesnt exist. These people have money to spend on hobby computers that are an alternative or a supplement to wintel/mac/linux and they want their OS4 already. Never you mind their reasons.

You have made it clear you arent interested in next gen amigas, so why stick around arguing with people who are interested. Why do you take iot so personally that people do not agree with you? Why are you continually rude to other members of the forum who have a different opinion than yourself? Who made you the god damn next gen amiga messiah? Who are you to insult Pyromania and accuse him of an alterier motive when he has been an active contributing member of this forum well before you?

In the nicest possible way shillard, this isnt the way we behave around here. This is a friendly community free of zealots mostly but we do like to look at both sides of the coin from time to time.
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