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Originally Posted by shillard
Nothing a few hundred million can't fix. The following steps assume that a complete business and marketing plan has been compiled, scrutinised and documented, that an R&D direction has been set. What direction?

DiscreetFX is the one telling the story - let Pyro fill in the blanks.

Step 1 - Raise Capital

Raise a few hundred million (real dollars, not Australian) in capital. That would involve convincing those with real money to invest in a dubious and risky tech venture that actually involves building stuff, as opposed to an e-commerce enterprise. To get this kind of cash you need to compete with everyone else after this kind of cash. Private equity firms that run buy-outs of listed businesses and large non-listed businesses usually demand a complete return on investment within 5 years - and that's before they sell the business off.

Once you've worked out how to compete with that - go find the cash.

Step 2 - Segment your customers, build pre-launch awareness

So who are the customers? Kids running WinUAE? Bitter and twisted Amigans of old? Unix Nerds? Graphics geeks? Desktop publishers? Mums & Dads who download porn from the net?

Once the segments have been identified, you need to provide them with a compelling reason to drop what they currently use/ intend to use, in favour of what you offer. This means you offer better value - not a lower price, but more bang for buck than the competition. BUT....unless you sell your gear at a good margin, those providing the cash from Step "1" above will be all over your arse.

Oh, and you'll go bankrupt. Like C= did.

Of course building awareness takes money. Lots of it. And be prepared to be ridiculed by a skeptical Win/Apple obsessed specialist and mainstream press. Lots of spin required at this stage.

Step 3 - build your distribution channels

Who will sell your creation? Specialst stores, game stores, department stores, Best Buy, Dixons, online, will you go direct like Dell?

Here's the catch - unless you go direct, you don't get much say. You can court as many potential distributors as you like, but they decide if they want to do business with you.

So to get on the shelves of any retailer, you'll have to offer them something better than everyone else who wants that shelf space - Apple, IBM, Toshiba, HP, etc.

Good luck.

And don't think "better" means high quality - it means more margin, better rebate, better trading terms, more co-op support, and more ATL advertising that will drive people into their stores to ask for that product.

End of lesson 1....

Good Luck.
Geez louise... all pyro wants to do is buy amiga inc and finally sell OS4 for now. There are people out there that would buy it and are happy to mess with it. If hardware licencenses were easier to obtain the hardware could be built by third parties, whether it be the outdated PPC technology (AmigaOne, Pegasos etc..) or classic PPC accelerated amigas or something new (Samantha etc..). Release it and the hardware will be built. At the moment the situation is in a stalemate due to current amiga inc management and their grandmothers. They won't release OS4 because there is no hardware and no one will build hardware because OS4 is not released.

It is a niche hobbyist market for now but still a viable market, but that doesnt mean it has to stay that way. New products could be built whether for classic systems or re-implentations of classic hardware or next gen ideas for industry embedded systems etc..

Whatever way you look at it I think new management would be better than the current management and their grandmothers.


P.S. Pyro --> Release the kickstart 1.3 roms if you do get AmigaInc.
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