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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
It doesn't matter if a console or car exists, if I can build a better one (better being decided by the public), or the same quality but cheaper then I can exploit the market that exists. If I can come up with something nobody else has done that people would need or want then I can create my own market.

Failure does not equal success, a good plan followed by good execution of that plan, and good financial backing leads to success. I do not know of DiscreetFX's plans for Amiga, the quality of the backers they have rounded up, nor what they intend to do with the brand asuming they can afford to buy it. This is not 1993 anymore, times have moved on and Amiga has become more obsolete now then it was in 1993 (when it died because it was obsolete compared to what was current in the industry then).

Even Intel with its top knotch manufactuing, resources, and people has had more failures then successes when you look at their products outside of the x86.
Only time will tell what DiscreetFX has lined up my friend

We will just have to wait and see

The odds definately are stacked against them in a massive way. All we can do is hope, or not hope.
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