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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Influential people used rational thaught to get to where they are. Seeing a need and making a product to fill it is RATIONAL. Making a product that is not needed is IRRATIONAL.
So when Sega, Nintendo & Atari were flying high was there a need to fill the market with even more consoles from companies that had nothing to do with Video game or console production( with the exception of Microsoft on the PC )?. Did we really need Sony & Microsoft to come along with game consoles?.. Eventually the market would have moved forward from the likes of the previous players in the market.

Sure Sony & Microsoft have alot of money, but there wasnt exaclty a void in that market already now was there? .. They found flaws in Sega & Nintendo and built upon them with clever marketing and a good previous track record.

When there were 2 car manufacturers, did we really need another one?. How rational would it have been to start another one?... but what happened.. others were started.. etc..

Looks like i will need to put those detailed examples up..

Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Every usefull invention ever created was from somebody trying to do something new or looking at others failed experiments with a different perspective and making it usefull in areas the creater did not think off.
Exactly!!.. So in thinking that, why not support DiscreetFX in their plans. Commodore failed, and so did everyone else. Failure equals success. Do you think that everyone who ever became anyone actually got it right the first time?. They fail, but instead of saying it wont work, they learn from that and build upon it or they see the mistakes of others like you said and build upon it from that.
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