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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Irrational people do not come up with anything usefull, so don't get your hopes up in your padded room. Everything we have today came from people looking at what was available and trying to make it a little better in some way.
It needed to become available to begin with to actually make it a little better.

All the most influential people in world went against the grain and rational thought to become where they are today and the companies that you and i now buy from everyday. If you would like many examples of such people and the events that took place, i would be more than happy to write them up here.

And yes, i completely agree, comparing yourself to everyone else to be happy is NOT the answer to happiness. Im not saying we need to compare eachother, we just need to understand that we as people need to grow mentally, and if we stay in that rutt and Never, It Cant be, It will Never be... then nothing will ever come of anything.

Success to someone could be anything!. its a personal thing, from having son/daughter, learning how paint, starting your own business, going back to school, learning how to swim.. etc.. personal goals i think will make you happy, not trying to succeed to make everyone else happy.

I understand where your coming from

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