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The reason people are unhappy is because of the bullshit like comparing who is more successful Gates or Tesla.

There are something like 6 Billion people on this planet, I would think millions of them have more money then me, whiter teeth, better girlfriends, longer penus, thicker hair, nicer looking, better jobs, nicer computer collections, etc. While most people compare themselves to those other 6B people to see if they are "happy" I just look at what I consider important to me and thats it. If you go through life trying to do the unatainable sooner or later the feeling of failure will consume you. To realy be happy you need to be realistic in what you need to get done and not how the needs of 6B other people compare to yours.

Irrational people do not come up with anything usefull, so don't get your hopes up in your padded room. Everything we have today came from people looking at what was available and trying to make it a little better in some way.

Go look around at what people are throwing out into the trash these days tech wise and then tell me what a new Amiga would have to be (and cost) to be a little better then what we have today, and THEN figure out how much money it would cost to design, manufacture, market and advertise that product. Once you get a figure for the costs associated then tell me where you are going to get the money for it all.
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