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Originally Posted by shillard
Rational people, in fact, DO rule the world, they DO invent new things, and they DO succeed. Demonstrably so.
Their so-called successes and creations are rarely ground breaking and almost always obsessed with the bottom dollar and nothing else. I disagree.

Originally Posted by shillard
Compare and contrast: Tesla vs Gates. Which of the two can be considered more rational? Most would wager Gates.

Now, which of the two wound up as the world's richest man, and which one died in obscurity, despite being credited with the creation of everything from television to anti-grav devices?
You are comparing these two as to how they finished up? How pessimistic and materialistic of you. That is no way to judge a man. I would have said Tesla over Gatesy boy anyday.

Originally Posted by blade002
Rational people dont run the world, Rational people dont invent new ideas, Rational people dont succeed.. Irrational people do things no one else will, and come up with those new ideas and solutions, while the rational people live life in mediocre thoughts and become bitter.

About 80% of the world lives in the " Be realistic " mindframe. And 50% of the world is on antideppresants and arent happy. Push yourself, push new ideas, push hope... Most people say them to themselves " oh whats the point "... " oh it wont work "... " oh the world is fucked anyway, why bother "...etc... I used to be the most "realistic" person you could get, and it wasnt getting me or anyone else around me anywhere.
Well said. I don't know about the Amiga ever coming back, but I admire your attitude. The world needs more people like you.
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