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Originally Posted by shillard
"Rational People" don't discard two centuries of empirical Western medical science in favour of sticking their thumbs up people's butts to cure cancer, checking the colour of quadrant 2 of the left eyeball to identify a sore toe, and administering garlic enemas.....well, probably just for the hell of it.
hahaha.... damn your a clueless bastard. Where has Cancer been cured by Western medical science?.. i didnt know Cancer had been cured??.. which Cancer, how many Cancers??. what! Radio Therapy?. Yes some do come good and go into the remission, but thats also due to how the MIND works!.

If someone has cancer and they are told how long they have to live, which might be the usual 6 months.. then that person will be dead in 3 months!.. because the stress and the trauma of knowing so is what drops the immune system so much lower to the point of complete immune breakdown!. If that same person is not told how long they have to live, they may 4 times longer, or for years to come!. Your "attitude" and your diet will play as big a part if not bigger than getting treated at your local hospital.

Im not against medical Western Science. Without it alot of us would be dead from other types of illness, but what i am against what we are not being "honestly" told to prevent some of these diseases.

When it comes to cancer the main causes of it IS due to Western culture... Meat products, Dairy Products, Acidosis in the blood.... this isnt some pshchobable, its a biochemical fact!!.. Nothing to do with all that Reiki, Aura shit.. Thats not what im doing, so get off your fat arse, read a book, get educated instead of sitting in your chair sucking down piss all day getting frustrated at the rest of the world.. Shit your bitter !!.

If you really want to learn something.. then go to the following links.. watch EVERYTHING you see, and then come back to me with an educated opinion...

Before i go.. I'll get onto Acidosis. You blood runs at a PH level between Acid & Alkaline in the bloodstream... The main reason why someone retains fat, maintains high cholesterol, suffer from disease, are low on energy.. etc.. is because most Western food converts to Acid in the bloodstream after it is eaten.. no i dont mean a Tomato or Lemon that has acid before it goes in .. im talking about how you body converts it to Acid if its biochemical nature determines it as being so when consumed.

For one example your body creates cholesterol to protect a body that contains blood that is too high in acid and not enough alkaline, due to the fact the heart valves which are some of the most sensitive tissue in the body need protection from such acid... you make your blood more alkaline.. you lower the cholesterol naturally.. without drugs, that can you make you feel like absolute shit from all the side effects.. etc..

Another example is Sugar.. its not the Sugar itself that will make you loose your teeth, its how it converts into the body into acid that causes the holes, and it converts HIGHLY into acid. This acid will also leach calcium from the bones and teeth, and no matter how much Milk you drink, you will not get enough calcium to replace it due to a high acid food lifestyle and also due to the fact that Milk is so high in Animal protien that calcium will not absorb properly into the body when the protein content of what you are consuming is that high!.

But i know you choose not to listen to what im saying. You think your so clever and unique in your comments about the Amiga, yet buy so much bullshit from what you see on TV about what western science and the food industry is telling you. Disease is a business!, Cancer is a business!. Dying is a business!.. Death is profitable!. And for the record, i start researching all this 2 years before i even started my course.. i now just know a little more.

If you can truly think for yourself, give me an educated opinion back and dont go cutting and pasting internet information.. research it yourself before you pass your piss ant comments upon me.

BTW - When was i talking to you anyway??.. i was talking Fred the Duck!.. You just cant keep your mouth shut can you!?.. always need to put your pathetic 2 cents in.

Watch these video links!.

Heart Disease Need Never Exist.

Animal Protein ( Meat & Dairy ) Causes Cancer

The Perils of Dairy Products

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