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Palm OS is a joke m8, anyone whom really evalutes things can tell that in under 10 minutes, dont get me wrong its has *features* but... sigh... if you HAD to use one (heavly) for a year I am sure most would understand my frustration with it.

Pocket PC.
its okay if ya wanna play doom, and reset the damn thing every 45 minutes of heavy use... i wasn`t impressed with any of the mobile editions from M$

well you raise an interesting point here jopestah', my use of it (restricted to only a few months of use compared to the other years) though limmited I personaly felt that it had more potential than the device offered. I think i was using OS 8.0 truth be I cannot remeber the handset i was using with it. so i wont slate Symbian simpy because I havent had a good feel of it.

But all this is NOT amiga. perhaps I should of said that i wanted a handheld unit that would have the capability of a mobile phone as opposed to a mobile phone that has the capacity of of a hand-held unit.

you know if i drew it i am sure it would make more sense than just the technical aspects.

WHAT I WANT IS A NEW OLD RETRO MODERN AMIGA (sheesh... its not like i ask much)

I am hoping that if i ignore them the only fuel for their pessimism will either run dry or hopefully they eat themselfs...

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