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I've done many amazing things with my Amigas:

1) Back when I was a student I used an A1200 and DPaint and Scala to make a presentation that showed the transport of an X-ray film through a processor. It was the only animation. Everybody else had charts and overhead transparencies.

2) In my final year as a student I made another presentation that showed a rectifying circuit in an X-ray machine. This was also a 2D animation and that one got recorded onto VHS and I sold it to them.

3) In 1996 I used my A4000T + Cinema4D + Scala + Genlock to do the folllowing project as a favour for a friend: he gave me architect's plans for a house he was going to build. I made a 3D model of the house in Cinema4D (with textures) and then made three animations of some flyarounds of the house. Recorded it onto VHS via genlock. When he saw how steep the roof angle was, that guy had the plans changed.

4) Used that same A4000T to produce the following graphics that I sold: a soft drink label (all the customer had to do was get his own barcode graphic inserted); a magazine cover for an electronics catalogue. I don't know if they used it, but they paid me for it .

5) Then I made the following items that were used by the hospital where I was working (they paid costs, not design because I was such a nice guy): 16 slides of X-ray neck injuries. The X-rays were scanned on a PC and the images were dumped on an external SCSI hard-disk I had, and then I imported those into Image FX and made high resolution labelled images. Saved them as TIFF and had slides made from them. After the slides were so well received I made two A3 posters of those injuries and those posters are still hanging in the trauma unit today!

6) Made a large A1 raytrace for a poster for our X-ray department. Resolution was abut 5000 x 3000 and raytrace time was about 3 days on an 060. That was blockmounted and that poster is also still hanging in the hospital, and was filmed in the intro of a trauma series for a TV programme.

7) Helped some friends make a really impressive presentation for a house-building project. This was an unpaid favour. They raytraced the house and all its furnishings on the PC with Imagine. They filmed actual house tiles and walls and I grabbed those tectures off tape with my Vidi RT 24 (they didn't have a digitizer back then). Then they gave me the frames and I put them together for a Scala animation. Then we got a really nice girl with a clear speaking voice and I digitized her with my Technosound sampler. We got her to read the introduction for each room of the house. I then synchronised those samples to the animations and recorded the final product to tape. I even had an animated 3D logo for our 'production company' and it had a nice metallic sound as the pieces of the logo spun into view and slammed into place.

8) Made two posters for companies (as gifts). These were both Cinema4D raytraces and each one took more than a day to render.

9) Made a very long Vista Pro animation and demo'd that at a PC-dominated demo/gfx gathering in Johannesburg. This was in 1994, with my A1200. The PC guys were very impressed at how smooth and long that animation was.
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