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Originally Posted by shillard
May as well speculate about how cool it would be for the US Air Force to deploy BattleStars.

More likely.
Or may as well speculate your clear non-interest in whatever the Amiga is or does in the future, and wonder why it is that you keep 'contributing' to this thread in as positive a manner as you have so far!

I mean, its all rather easy to simply rubbish everyone else opinion isn't it, without actually offering any solutions to the questions you posed.

So Mr.Optimistic (read: Mr.Pedant), lets hear your bright ideas about how you think it would be possible (if at all) for Amiga as a brand to have a resurgence.

I'm quite sure your reply will simply be a retread of your previous 'mocking' replies to others.

Gosh, I can't wait for your reply!
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