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Originally Posted by girv no rush on that Leaderboard slave then?
Nope, no rush. Well, try to have it ready for 2017. That's when I'll be semi-insane, constantly muttering about modern computers being shit and back to using an A500 as my only computer. (...although it will be unable to connect to the internet. By 2017, you need a credit card reader to connect and a 64-core 20Ghz processor to run all the simultaneous 3D-HD advertisements. Politicians are now able to use "virtual heads" with instant error correction instead of giving speeches live and their speeches can be automatically created by computer using a database of random clich├ęd statements.)

If 2017 is too early, try to have it ready by 2031. That will be the year when I am totally insane and only able to communicate using swear words. AOS 5.0 won't be out yet, but there will still be "big plans" for an Amiga comeback.

(oh, try to have the Zeewolf slaves updated too. I believe you said a few years ago that there were "big plans" )
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