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well i just dont care, I want new and old amiga products and I WANT BattleStars too coz there cool!!!

I want AmigaX86 i want Amiga68k i want AmigaG5 I WANT I WANT I WA.... heyyyy imma demanding... wheres the supply?


hmm I want maybe a cylon raider or too as well... I like them... did you know you can have upto three people in one of them...

you can have one in a viper (admitedly you could go 2 if one sat on your lap... which is good or bad in a hitchiker situation..)

i think a pol is needed...

whats best to pickup and impress chicks?

1. Coloanial Viper
2. Cylon Raider


remember the viper has a speed avantage but the raider has more armaments
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