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Black'n'White 2 / DFT : at PD page type any of the following : "mail", "my disk", "bluesky", "simon", "p mortem", "poing", "outland", "kyrom", "upndown" during scroll type "post"

Burning Spear / THE DARK DEMON : Press left mouse button while booting

Seven Seas / ANDROMEDA : at boot LMB for menu

Lethal Exit / DIGITAL : during boot LMB then during secret part, press RMB

Manga Art / ARKHAM : at boot after the loading design effect press HELP key for picture's menu

Plane / FUNKY BUDDHA : at boot LMB for music menu

Haemorroid Target / BIDON DEZIGN : during boot : LMB 1st hidden part, RMB 2nd hidden part, JOY(FIRE) 3rd hidden, JOY(FIRE)+RMB 4th hidden

Liquid / REFLEX : LMB+RMB+JOY(FIRE)+JOY UP at end of the demo

Numb / MVT : LMB at boot

Animatunes / NGC : during animation press DEL or P, boot disk 2 for hidden part, at endpart press RMB to toggle between 50/60hz

Hidden Part taken from BRONX-Cemetery News 02 (i've not check them personally)

ANARCHY / System Violation : While booting, press both mouse buttons (You will see an intro for greets)

ANARCHY / In The Kitchen : Type these in the demo to run one of the 3 hidden parts :
- give it to me pleeez
- i wanna see it now
- you make me feel so good
(You'll se some intros)

ANARCHY / Lemmend
Actually this demo gives answer to anything you write (not totally a A) & there is a simple vector grame. Examples:
- Members of [A]

BRONX / Illemmings
Type these at the selector part. You'll have an answer.
- Bronx Members Names (Turbo, Barbarian, DOT, Malice e.t.c)
- Metallica, Bronx, Noname, Dincer, Reset, Shit e.t.c
and for the hidden part type : WEDNESDAY

COMPLEX / Equipose
Press the joystick button and you'll se a cool hidden part.

KEFRENS / Guardian Dragons 2
Boot disk 2 while pressing left mouse button.
(You'll se an intro for greets)

NORTHSTAR / His Master's Noise :
Type these at the selector
- Mahoney, Kaktus, Helene, Fuck, Train, Love
(You'll see some pictures, a train and a poem)

PARADISE / Virtual Meltdown
Type ?????? while Hi-Res Monster picture is shown
(You'll see... )

RAZOR 1911 / Vertical Insanity :
While the main part is being decrunched, press right mouse button

SILENTS / Demon Download
While booting press left mouse button
(you'll see a game to play)

TRSI / Ecliption
Type TRSI at the writer after the bob-scroller part.
(you'll see a intro with some greets & text)

PS : i've already send those "hidden part" info to Demon Download.

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