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Paradise v7.1 beta [WinXP *FIX*]

Just writing to let you know that I've just managed to get Paradise working on my XP setup
You just need to use a program called UserPort that lets dos applications (among others) bang the serial and parallel ports directly like on the good old win9x. You can get it here -- just scroll down a bit. Instalation is dead easy and involves copying one file to the %windows%\system32\drivers folder. Then all you have to do is start the program's GUI and press Start!.
Then just load up the cmd console and enjoy
There is a sligh nuisance when transfering files with long names. You cannot send such files by typing:

paradise.exe a_Really_LONG_filename.lha

because the program will exit saying it cannot find it *BUT* if you try to send a directory with a name consistnig of 8 or less characters with that file in it it will happily start the transfer and you'll end up with a nice long name on the amiga drive

So for example:

2006-11-05 21:56 <DIR> .
2006-11-05 21:56 <DIR> ..
2006-03-27 11:56 540˙859 ttx.lha
2005-03-06 00:21 543˙571
2006-03-27 11:56 22˙146 TTX2Booster0_1.lha
2006-10-31 21:42 550˙250 EvenMore.lha
2006-10-31 21:38 12˙470 Guideance.lha
2006-10-31 21:39 71˙539 guidemaster12.lha
2006-10-31 21:41 149˙303 Next.lha
2006-10-31 21:41 4˙662 searchguidecf.lha
2006-10-31 21:42 60˙117 TextView125.lha

G:\Amiga\text\paradise TTX2Booster0_1.lha
doesn't work but

G:\Amiga\paradise text
will and send all the files in that directory preserving the long names.
wierd I know

I tried overcoming this by using the setver.exe like so:
setver PARADISE.EXE 7.1
but it didn't help.

I still think it's a minor problem. NO MORE BOOTING INTO DOS
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