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Originally Posted by mr_a500
Seriously, was it a program to detect digit patterns in images? Did the "brain" actually learn or was it just a fixed algorithm?
It was a 3 layer back propogation neural network with about 30 "brain cells". You gave it "images" in the form of a fixed size grid of black and white pixels and it output what digit it thought the image represented. You could add "noise" to the images by flipping a pixel or two and it still recognised the digit most of the time.

The brain did actually learn. You trained it to associate certain image inputs with the desired output - put it in "training mode", make it loop feeding in images and telling what the correct answers were. Then you'd take it out of training mode, feed in some more images and see what the outputs were. This was all in Modula-2 on my A1200. I left it running for days in training mode

You can get the sourcecode to all this from my website: (go to downloads)

If you find a use for it, I'll be very surprised
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