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The problem is, that there is not the perfect error correction cd drive but each has its advantages and disadvantages. To solve this a german computer magazine wrote a program (Windows only) that create an iso file and a flag file where it marks which block it read successfully and which not. After you finished reading on one drive you insert the disc in another drive and then it only tries to read the blocks it couldn't read on the other one. This already rescued me two discs which no drive could completely read alone. (After using my two pc drives, then connecting my Amiga drive and for the last 14 KB I droved to my brother )

You can find it there:

It's limited to 2048 bytes blocks only (this excludes audio tracks, (S)VCD discs and exotic things like CD+G etc. as well as copy protected discs) and it's german only but simple to use:
h2cdimage a:b:c filename -i
The -i option is only used to create the files and a,b and c are numbers:
a is the adapter, normally 0 for primary channel and 1 for secondary channel but this can change if you have additional controllers.
b is the scsi id or for ide drives 0 for master and 1 for slave
c is the lun which is used by cd changers, for normal drives this is always 0
Unfortunately it prints no list but you can us a nonexistant filename as it shows the drive name before it starts and then simply stops.

So you start the first time with -i, it then creates filename.iso, the image file (which takes some time) and filename.h2i, the flag file. The next times you start without the -i to read further blocks.

>h2cdimage.exe 1:1:0 bla -i
H2cdimage -- by Harald Bögeholz / c't Magazin für Computertechnik
Version 1.8, Copyright (C) 2005 Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
ASPI geladen. Anzahl der Adapter: 3
Gerät: TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-M1712J004  (05 80 00 32 5B 00 00 00)
Gesamt: 349704 Sektoren, Sektorgröße: 2048
Lege Image-Datei 'bla.iso' an.
Lege Flag-Datei 'bla.h2i' an.
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The first two lines are a copyright, the third tells that it loaded the ASPI driver and found three adapters. The fourth line prints the drivename so you can recognize if you selected the right drive. The fifth tells the number of sectors and their size. The sixth and seventh that it creates the two files and the last line is the interesting one: the first number tells how many sectors were read successfully, the second how many are missing, the third one how many sectors it tried to read (in this example this one is bigger as the first number so it couldn't read all sectors) and the fourth one is the sector it currently tries to read. And finally: you can interrupt at any time with Ctrl-C.
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