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Yeh, I have a fair few old CDs with slight errors, of course in Windows when trying to copy an entire folder, when it gets to an unreadable file it just stops the copy with an error and gives up.. however, if you do a directory list, pipe into a text file, then edit this to create a batch to copy each file individually, you'll find your PC will attempt to copy a bad file many times, then give up, but will move onto the next file.. sometimes, if you try the bad files again later, they will then copy! bizarre! I think the cd drive and the disc type and perhaps even the speed of the disc at the time all have a lot to do with reading bad files back. Then again, files contained in sectors badly busted, are alas gone..

Also, some CDs written on the Amiga have filenames illegal under Windoze, so in those cases I mount the CD via WinUAE as an Amiga volume and copy the files off to Ram Disk, then they can be renamed appropiately, and copied to a mounted Hard Disk for example.

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