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Ya' like it Retr0?
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personally i like the idea of micro-amiga's

imagine if you will.....

A handheld with screen size about that of psp with retractable keyboard and throu-put rgb to monitor/ tv.

Adding to this would be usb connectivity (hub optional)
The ability for running all the old software's (aga,ecs,ocs etc)
Make use of mmc/sd micro dvd's combined
Bluetooth / wifi action
2/4GB haddisk drive as standard.
Simple 3D chipset (could be a companion chipset)

comes with 8-128mb ram
perhaps 400 / 500mhz coldfire or decent processor (maybe more than one)

hmm i have 5 minutes whom wants to see a concept model? LOL

combine a phone into it? and there you have an ultimate office / business device too ..

for presentations
word processing
for email
for phoning

for fun

not even your PSP can do all this
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