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The Amiga is not the A5oo, A12oo, A4ooo or any other physical machine you can name.

'Amiga' is all about its concept, a machine that had fantastic hardware for the time, fantastic multi tasking OS for the time, and generally being more than it should have been. Great graphics, great sound, and so far ahead of the Atari ST, PC and Mac's of the time that it was sick.

I love the classic Amigas, still think they are great machines, and they do exactly what I want of them.

I don't want to rubbish Pyromanias efforts, but I see them ultimately as fruitless until I know what direction he intends to take 'Amiga'.

If it ends up having the same processors as PC's, then the Amiga will be seen as nothing more than a competing OS, something IBM couldn't even achieve

If it doesn't have the same processor, is it going to be something that leaves AMD's, Intels and Cyrix's efforts for dead?

Is it going to have a base graphics base and sound base with which to call 'standard' compatible hardware that developers know they can write for one Amiga, knowing it will work on another?

Will the Amiga be like the PC and require graphics cards and such like, turning it into a developers compatibility nightmare, but at the sametime, unleashing the Amiga of the hardware millstone that cursed the Amigas original OCS/ECS/AGA hardware all those years back?

Sony and Nintendo spend billions on developing hardware for their next generation consoles, how will a new Amiga compete against those?

I'm not too concerned with Shillards procrastinations about marketing and such like, yes they are important, but what is more important is actually having a product worth buying before you start worrying about a product worth advertising.

The original Amigas excelled at Desktop Video Production, and has now been superceeded.

The original Amigas with Video Toasters were the de facto choice for Video effects for TV Studios and for film effects pre-production, and has now been superceeded.

The original Amigas had some success in music studios, and has always been superceeded.

What niche can a new Amiga hope to find? Will it unsurp the Mac in Publishing, and the PC for business and home?

I need to know what this new Amiga is actually going to be. If its not going to be as dynamic as it was back in 1985, leave the name alone and let it slowly slip away and be remembered for the machine it always was, not what it didn't turn into.
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