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In 1993 my brother asked a favour of me and my A1200.

(a bit long winded this bit *sleep mode activated*)
he had a request to render elevations of new to build premises from an architect friend. as he needed a computer drawn image for what ever reason i didn`t ask.

since i loved drawning i though okies lets see. so I had the basic renders on A4 in front of me and 2/3 hours later I had done all elevations and included a 3dimensional render (all in DPAINT using the tools there )

i scaled up all the images into 4 tiled images each (top left, top right and bottom left, right etc ) each being 640x512x16 ( 1280x1024 ) saved them off and converted them to standard bitmaps (needed two 720k disks lol from 1 amga floppy with plenty of space left LMFAO how i cursed that win3.1 machine.)

I gave them to my bro, and didnt think nothing of it untill 4 or so later my bro said thanks and showed me the local EDP with the pictures I had done in them!!!! result... they looked good too

I think my bro got some good kudos outa that but I got enough thanks... you know i think my bro still has the paper it was shown in, if anyones interested (and i remeber ) i might scan it in LOL
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