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I love Golden Axe, through emulation I've got them all, but I have the Amiga and Mega Drive versions of the first game (originals) too. This is a genre of game that I feel needs to be revisited, even now, when my mates come around we like to have a bash on Golden Axe. The Amiga version's background graphics were closer to the arcade original than the Mega Drive version, although the MD version had more colour and used three buttons instead of one (button+up for jump) and a key for magic.

I somehow want to make a new Amiga game like this, I'm going to start working on sprites and background blocks, but I need a programmer. Who's up for the challenge?

Oh yeah, and Golden Axe 3 on the Mega Drive is a fun game, with nicer sprites than the first two games, and more options when travelling around.
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