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I love the GBA but wish they'd included ALL the buttons of the SNES gamepad.

Adding 6 buttons instead of 4 really wasn't too much to ask.

Due to this button limitation, I tend to stay away from games that required all 6 buttons on the SNES (eg. SF2)

The screen can be a bit dull as well, but I guess this is better than having the batteries last 1 hour.

The fact that Amiga games might be ported is really exciting, and buttons are not an issue!

I have no idea how the copyrights to all these old conversions can be overcome, but I really want to see some of the classics on the GBA, not just console conversions.

If they keep the original tunes and feel, well just imagine - super cars 2 linked! Stunt car racer, 4 player! Bloodwych!

Oh man, I'm so excited. Unfortunately, many of these games may not be converted
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