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Amazing things you've done with your Amiga

I'd like to hear some amazing things you've done with your Amiga (REAL Amiga only). I don't mean something like "used my A1200 to wedge open the bathroom door so I can piss from the hallway" - something technically impressive. The point of this thread is to show people who may not know - what is possible with an Amiga ...and a little bit of effort (..and money).

Here are some things I've done with my Amiga 500 that I think are amazing for an (accelerated) 80's computer:
(A500 in original case - original graphics, original sound, 33Mhz 020, 2Mb Chip, 8Mb Fast, DCTV)

Emulated MacOS 8.1, ran Mac software ClarisWorks, WriteNow3 and games (also emulated 7.5.5 and ran Mathematica, and 3D game Vette! at full speed)
Connected to my work's Microsoft Outlook Web Access through browser and sent office emails using A500 (connected browser with 128-bit secure HTTPS, javascript and images)
Digitized and converted images from DVD/VCR/Video Camera in 24-bit colour
Sampled and converted music from DVD/Compact Disc/Cassette Tape
Converted MP3s and played music in 14-bit stereo (with 8-bit Paula - no sound card)
Created and printed PDF documents (PDFs displayed perfectly in Adobe Acrobat)
Sent and received Faxes
Sent and received MSN instant messages
Scanned and printed 24-bit images at 720dpi
Processed huge 24-bit images up to 10Mb and 2048x2048 in size
Uploaded/downloaded files from the internet larger than 20Mb
Played DOOM, DOOM II, Plutonia and TNT, custom and patch wads with music and sound
Sent and received emails with large multiple attachments >5Mb
Sent and received over 2Gb of files through serial at 115200 baud (original A500 serial)

Then there's the more ordinary things like creating web pages and relational databases, playing Windows MIDI files, creating 24-bit 3D rendered animations, multimedia presentations and emulating 6 different 8-bit computers. I would have been able to do more if I had more than 8Mb RAM.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention that I've used an Amiga 500 as my only computer for the last 5 years. (and used it for every post I've ever posted)

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