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Originally Posted by gizmomelb
A PIC could be used to select and load the disk image to the memory connected to the FPGA
Bit of a waste of a PIC when you have an FPGA but hey.

Well there's the stopper for having IPF access on the device, unless they decide to open the source
Even if they open-sourced it... the amount of horse power required to decode the IPF file in the FPGA might prove to be prohibitive.

or release an IPF decoding plugin for the MFM decode software (much like WinUAE and IPF possibly?).
The exisitng IPF DLL could be used with any software. What do you think the current Floppy server uses?

Even if you could create a program that converts IPF to MFM data how large would that file be?

Is it even possible to extract an IPF to a single file? Does the DLL give the same MFM data every time for the same disk commands? I thought that some copy protection relied on fluctuations.

write support [snip] might be quite easy if the FPGA supports writing to the SRAM
Adding write support between the FPGA and the SRAM is trivial. If it were easy, the author would have added write support. There will be a "gotcha" somewhere.
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